How to go green in telecommunication market

With the progress of science and technology, industrial change, green and low carbon has become the focus of enterprise production. Telecom industry has also increasingly focused on how to achieve recycle and forming a green market.


The green market in telecommunication is also known as the secondary telecon market or the used telecommunication market. That means the products are refurbished, used, recycled, or discontinued which are in good working condition. Sometimes they are completely new but just pre-owned. Buying products in green market can help reduce the cost and realize the recycling of resources.


Qilan Telecom as the biggest ARS( Asset Recycle Service) telecom company in China, we offer a fully managed telecommunications network asset recovery service through disassembly, test, maintenance, renovation of communication equipment recycling,  which can ensure you recover maximum residual value from your new and used networking equipment. We provide new and used and refurbished telecommunication spare parts service like Huawei ZTE Ericsson Nokia Emerson Alcatel BTS (BBU, RRU) BSC transmission and switch items hardware, Emerson Delta Eltek Flactpack etc power system (cabinets, rectifiers) and accessories like fiber cable, optics, antenna etc. We provide products and services greatly extend the lifetime of telecom equipment and help companies to address their sustainability goals.


Our repair services are backed by years of experience, performed by qualified, OEM-trained technicians, and completed in our state-of-the-art repair facilities.All products are fully inspected and repackaged and come back by a comprehensive warranty as standard.It can ensure the quality of products you can trust.


We have 7 big centers in China to support operators, service providers and OEMs well.That can ensure you can get the kit you need to maintain and extend the network in the shortest time.

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