What are differences between SFP and QSFP

SFP,QSFP is a type of pluggable transceiver used for connecting a network device to a copper or fibre optic cable.They are most often used for ethernet and high-speed data communications applications.

SFP(Small Form-factor Pluggable)  is a compact, hot-pluggable SONET/SDH network interface module format used for both telecommunication and data communications applications.Its speed rate is 155m,1.25G,2.5G and more.The ports type of SFP is LC ports.It can be equipped with different types of transceivers as required.

The SFP+ (enhanced small form-factor pluggable) is an enhanced version of the SFP that supports data rates up to 16 Gbit/s.Its speed rates are 6G8G10G and more.The SFP + is mainly used in the data center 10G (10G BASE-SR) Ethernet link.

SFP28 is an enhanced version of the SFP+ that supports data rats up to 25Gbit/s.It provides an efficient solution for the 10G-25G-100G network which can meet the growing and upgrading needs of next-generation data center networks.

QSFP is the four-lane Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable.The additional lanes allow for speed 4 times their corresponding SFP.QSFP28 and QSFP56 are the enhanced version of the QSFP.The QSFP28 is allowing speeds up to 100 Gbit/s.QSFP56 is doubling the top speeds to 200 Gbit/s.

QSFP+ is a type of pluggable transceiver used to connect a network device to a copper or fibre optic cable.It can support date rates up to 40Gbit/s.

SFP,SFP+,QSFP,QSFP+ are the transmission carrier between the switch and the equipment.In the process of long-distance transmission through the optical fiber cable, it ensures the integrity of the data, is not easy to lose signals, and is more efficient and safe.

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